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Little Things Day 5 - Awesome Tub Cleaner

This weekend, I experimented with a new tub cleaner and I cannot be more impressed. My husband works in manufacturing and he comes home dirty and greasy every night. The bottom of my tub turns nasty gray and that stuff seems to take a chisel to remove. Not anymore.

Awesome Tub Cleaner

Supplies needed:

Measuring cup
Spray Bottle


1/2 c Dawn Dish Soap
1/2 c White Vinegar


Heat vinegar in microwave for 90 seconds.
Pour vinegar into spray bottle.
Add dish soap and close bottle
Swish gently to mix.
Spray on tub (and tub walls if desired)
Let sit for 2 hours.
Wipe down tub (and walls).
Admire your shiny tub.


I didn't have to scrub the tub but I did have to wipe firmly over the area. It came completely clean with little work. Vast improvement.

The wait time is important. Don't skimp.

Don't breathe while pouring warm vinegar into bottle. It won't hurt you but the smell is sinus clearing.

This is not good at whitening stained caulking…