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Words Count

Counting calories, counting points, counting blessings, counting friends, counting dollars…
We count a lot of things, but so many people forget one of the most important things they need to count. Their words. What we say can help or hinder people. What we say can build up or really hurt people, leaving results that can last years or even a lifetime.
All you have to do is look around to see horrible examples of word assault. Turn on the TV. Reality shows are rife with shock-value slings, but regular TV shows are often not much better. Turning on the computer shows that many think that they can say whatever they want to another because their faces (and sometimes identity) are hidden by the electronic media. Kids grow up thinking they can say whatever the heck they want—regardless of what their parents try to hammer into them. Good parents can curb the rhetoric but rarely squash it out completely.
Common niceties seem to be a thing of antiquity or a relic from before the mid-twentieth c…