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Recipe: Rummy Gummies

They look harmless, don't they? These bears, for adults only, pack a punch. I discovered them quite by accident and they're now a favorite around here.

Here's how to make them:

1 cup gummy bears
Alcohol of your choice (Rum of all varieties works well)

Find a small closeable glass container. Pour in gummy bears.

Add alcohol until the liquid touches the bottom of the top layer of bears.

Close container and put in the refrigerator until alcohol has absorbed (or mostly absorbed - they're ready before the liquid disappears.

* I've found that the "ready" mark for the bears will vary depending on the type you use. The bears I bought at GFS took just a couple hours, while the ones I bought at Walmart took a day. Plan on 24 hours. They might be ready early, but they don't go bad.

** Don't be tempted to make a large batch unless you're having a party. A little goes a long way.

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